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We are now a Tec4 Service Centre


Tec4 treatments are the culmination of years of research and development and are not only the most effective engine treatments available on the market, they are also safe due to the unique way they dissolve contamination using blended detergents and cleaning agents.


Tec4 Oil, Petrol, Diesel and Cooling system cleaners do exactly what it says on the bottle

They clean the system restoring lost performance.


Petrol, Oil and Diesel are made from organic matter.

When they combust or are left to naturally degrade,

contamination is created.

This contamination builds up on key components

within the engine,

resulting in a gradual loss of

performance and fuel economy.


Tec4 Treatments remove harmful deposits

and clean the internal combustion and lubrication system

of your vehicles engine.


Tec4 are so confident that their additives will improve your vehicles fuel consumption, that if you do not notice 15% better fuel economy, after we have treated your vehicle with one of their fuel saver kits THEY WILL REFUND YOU THE COST OF THE TREATMENT!




Modern driving habits, coupled with extended oil drain periods and the sophistication of modern engines results in contamination build up on key components within the engine.


This contamination has a detrimental effect on the efficiency of the engine resulting in lost performance and increased fuel consumption.


Tec4 Oil System Cleaner is a highly concentrated technically advanced formulation designed to effectively remove this harmful contamination.


service oil cleaner


Key Benefits:


Cleans internal engine components and provides anti wear protection

Neutralises harmful acid build up

Frees sticking valves, hydraulic valve lifters and piston rings

Stabilises cylinder compressions and restores lost power

Cleans oil ways

Keeps new oil cleaner for longer

Compatible with API and ACEA classification oils

The product is a combination of 4 technologies which:


Adds lubricity

1. Neutralises Acids

2. Dissolves Contamination

3. Holds contaminants in suspension

4. When the product is added to the old depleted oil it immediately neutralises acid which has built up in the crankcase and adds lubricity, enabling the detergents to safely dissolve contamination which has built up in the crank case, on piston rings, in the variable valve timing and in the hydraulic valve lifters.


These harmful contaminants are held in suspension and safely removed with the old oil. On completion of the cleaning process the reduced amount of depleted oil left in the engine is acid neutral ensuring the new oil stays cleaner for longer.










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